What Is Parkour

Parkour means a lot of different things to different people. From our perspective, the most important aspect of the discipline is enhancing your ability to move your body to another location. Whether that means moving straight up a New York City fire escape, through an Eastern European urban center, or across a Guatemalan rainforest, the concepts remain the same.

The goal is to move from one place to another in the safest, most efficient way possible for you. Let's break down that statement:

"The goal is..." There is a goal. Parkour is a whole lot of fun, but we are training to improve, so that we have the utmost capability when the time comes to put all this into practical action. Increasing overall fitness - strength and conditioning - is essential to achieving your potential as a traceur. The body must be physically prepared for all the demands it will be asked to meet.

"...to move from one place to another..." We need not get into a discussion about the differences between parkour and freerunning, tricking, and other forms. The point is, for our purposes, parkour is training for high intensity, physical relocation.

"...in the safest..." If you injure yourself on the run, your situation instantly can become dire. To stay a Fugitive, you've got to stay in good working order. Injury in training is guaranteed to happen, but we minimize it as much as we can through repetition of safe practices. Any time injured is time you aren't able to work at your full capacity, time not making the progress you could.

"...most efficient way possible..." Efficient = maximum output / minimum waste. Essentially, the output we are dealing with is distance traveled and the waste is effort and time expended. So the most efficient way is the one which gets you farthest, fastest, and easiest. This is all about your parkour vision, your ability to see the world in front of you in parkour terms. As when Neo finally can see the Matrix.

"...for you." Parkour is a highly subjective and creative discipline. What is the safest, most efficient path of escape for one Fugitive undoubtedly will not be for another. That is simply the nature of this beautiful beast: It is whatever you want it to be.