Private Instruction

Individual private lessons are a great way for you to learn parkour without a bunch of people around, focus on the progressions of a specific movement, break jumps and mental blocks, or work a personalized strength program.

You can sign up for private lessons here.  Then schedule your private lessons directly with the instructor for any time during which we do not already have a class or an event scheduled, including during open gym.

Private classes are a great way for a group – as small as 2 or as large as 25 – to share an experience and foster camaraderie by training together.

Please call Chad Deaver (214-283-0696) to discuss your specific needs and to schedule one or more private classes.

Private Lesson Pricing
Single visit:   $50 per one-hour session
Punchcards:  $225 for a 5-session card, $400 for a 10-session card

Private Class Pricing
$30 per person per one-hour session