How Our Program Works

With Fugitive, adults learn to navigate real environments and situations, using efficient movement patterns, while continually growing within a community of hard working, fun loving people.

In weekly classes, we teach basic movement patterns involved in parkour, including running, jumping, rolling, swinging, climbing, stepping, and vaulting. Each week our classes focus on movements within one of these methods, rotating through them about every 2 months. We also apply 2 of our almost 30 different attributes of movement, such as power, silence, balance, endurance, etc., to the method we are focused on. For example, we may have "Vaulting" as the method of movement we're focusing on and then we may have "Power" and "Silence" as the attributes we're applying to our vaulting movements that week.

Accordingly, while the category is the same for all classes held during a particular week, the drills, skills, locations, and techniques emphasized are different from class to class. Students may begin the rotation at any time.

It usually takes hours and hours of training, both in and outside of class, for a student to gain the requisite strength and control to be considered proficient at the entry level. We expect that students will be able to continue their training outside of our classes, by practicing at home, at meet ups, or with fellow classmates.

Equal in importance to skills and techniques are the core values we seek to instill: Respect, Commitment, Discipline, Responsibility, and Leadership. At the beginning of each class, we discuss how one of these values applies to the lesson that week. Without embracing these values, students will find that the skills are difficult to attain and are of little use once attained. We also want our students not only to look for ways to improve themselves, but also to look for ways to improve their communities. Each student therefore must volunteer for one of our service projects to become a full fledged member.

Our program depends upon all of our students having a common understanding of terminology, philosophy, and values. That understanding is assured when students consistently attend classes and meet ups. You can also find additional information on the members page.

*The subject matter of class can consist of adult themes and adult language, and as such are not appropriate for children, easily offended, or sensitive people.