For Sports Teams

Team Building

We can help any team to become more cohesive and efficient.  Our training is designed to help members of a team:  (1) stay goal-oriented; (2) communicate information and ideas clearly as they strive to solve problems jointly; (3) realize the specific physical abilities of their teammates; and (4) foster mutual understanding, respect, and trust among themselves.  Our training also provides a unique perspective for team leaders in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their teams as well as their own strengths and weaknesses.

Our team building workshops are custom-designed, so please give call Chad Deaver (214-283-0696) to discuss your needs.

Cross Training

We can help your team members improve balance, coordination, power, efficiency, and spatial awareness with our functional movement cross training.  Through our training, teammates learn to maximize jump, minimize landing impact, step dynamically, roll safely, balance effectively, and vault efficiently.  This training can reduce the frequency and the severity of injuries from collisions, trips, falls, and such incidents.  This training also can improve communication among team members as well as expose previously unknown strengths and weaknesses.

Please call Chad Deaver (214-283-0696) for a free consultation to assess your needs.