What is The Fugitive School!?
A learning institution with transitory locations, teaching in-person movement classes and workshops focused on ideas surrounding pursuit and escape.

An institution of learning via online videos and blog articles illustrating and articulating concepts relating to the theme of pursuit, escape, survival, strength, and defense.

A school of thought centered around the idea of movement patterns, techniques, and concepts on improving efficiency and body position, developing strength and power, and enhancing mobility.

What about memberships? How much do they cost?
We offer a monthly membership for ages 13+ for $49.

How do the memberships work? What do I get?
Monthly members enjoy access to all outdoor classes and meet ups (indoor classes at  Crosby Rec Center are handled by City of Carrollton), as well as 40% off private lessons and 50% off workshops. Online instructional videos will be available soon, and included in the monthly membership.

(Since the membership includes online content and multiple meet-ups, you will not have the option to place your membership on hold.)

Can I come to a single class?
We offer single-visit options for $20 and five-class punch card options for $85 for the weekly city classes.  These are available to everyone age 13 or over.

If you choose one of these options, you will not be a “member” and will not receive notifications of additional training, discounts, or online access.

See About Our Pricing.

Do I have to register online or can I just come and pay when I get there?
We do need everyone to register online so that you can reserve a space, but you only have to go through the signup process once. That gets a profile created for you in our system and gets our required waiver signed. After the first time, you simply log in and handle financial or scheduling matters. If you need to pay cash for your first visit, please contact us at chad@fugitivefit.com.

When can I start?
You can start our outdoor classes at any time.

You can contact the City of Carrollton to find out the next start date for Indoor classes.

Activity No. 131200 https://www.cityofcarrollton.com/departments/departments-g-p/parks-recreation/class-info/leisure-connections-magazine

What’s the difference between outdoor and indoor classes?
The main differences are that outdoor classes are subject to cancellation for bad weather or low attendance and outdoor classes usually incorporate some use of the environment existing at the class location as well as our mobile obstacles.

Indoor classes are purchased through the City of Carrollton and are held at the Crosby Recreation Center.

Activity No. 131200 https://www.cityofcarrollton.com/departments/departments-g-p/parks-recreation/class-info/leisure-connections-magazine

What’s the difference between classes and meet ups and jams?
Classes – Training opportunities focused on teaching technique and flow to members and single-visit/punch card holders at city parks each week.

Meet ups – Training opportunities for members to learn from instructors and other members at one-off locations and times designated in member emails.

Jams -  Training opportunities for the community to see what we do and learn from members and instructors at traditional locations at highly publicized times.

Do you offer private lessons?
Yes, we do. We provide private instruction both for individuals and for small groups. You can sign up for private instruction here, and then call us to schedule the day and time for your private lesson or private class.

Do I need to be in good shape? What if I have an injury?
No matter what your physical condition, we can help you become better able to move efficiently within and through any environment. If you have a physical limitation that prevents you from moving in certain ways, we’ll help you learn to improve your body and adapt your movements to those that are right for you.

Can I bring a friend?
Absolutely! Just make sure that your friend goes online and signs up ahead of time. If the friend is under 18, we need their parent or guardian to sign up to create their own family’s profile on our website and to provide us with a valid waiver. Please do not add a friend to your family and try to sign the waiver for them; this causes serious administrative and legal issues.

We will need everyone to reserve their spots in class by the night before at the latest, so that we can make updates and adjustments accordingly. There is a three-reservation minimum for outdoor classes and a cut-off of 10:00 pm. So, if only 1 or 2 people are reserved as of 10:00 pm the night before, the class will be cancelled. We will immediately send out an email to all members announcing the cancellation and letting you know of any alternatives. The class will then be removed from the calendar. Anyone using a single visit or punch card will have that session returned to their account.

When do I need to reserve?
A class for which fewer than 3 reservations have been made by 10:00 pm the night before will be cancelled. We will send out an email immediately upon cancellation.

A class also may be cancelled due to inclement weather when the weather presents an inherent danger (lightning, hail, tornado, etc.). Otherwise we will train in rain, snow, and heat.

What if I need to cancel a reservation?
Just go through the same steps as when you reserved your class slot and you’ll see the option to cancel. The sooner you cancel, the better, so our coaches can make adjustments accordingly.  You cannot cancel a reservation after 10:00 pm the night before class.

What if I just want to come to check it out?
We'd rather not be ogled as we work out and learn new things. However, if you'd like to join a class, you can purchase a single-visit or punch card. Or, if you'd like to become a member, you can purchase a membership.

Can I pay cash or do you require a debit card or credit card?
We definitely accept cash. Send us an email and we can get the membership added to your account. Once you purchase your membership, you’ll be able to log in and reserve future classes. We can collect at your next attendance.

How do I know which coach is teaching a class?
On the Class Calendar, click on the particular class you’re interested in to show the name of the coach who is scheduled to teach the class. Sometimes, of course, due to last-minute changes, the class actually may be taught by a different coach.

How will I know what’s going on?
Each Friday, members will receive an email containing information for the following week:

  • Meet Up times and locations
  • Technique weekly focus
  • Links to practice lines at each Location
  • Member exclusive events
  • Info about upcoming events

If I miss a class, do I get to make it up the following week?
If you have a monthly membership, you have access to unlimited classes and meet ups. If you are using a single-visit or punch card and you reserve a space, but do not attend class, you will lose your single-visit/punch. If you would like to attend the following week, you will need to purchase another single-visit or use another punch.

What if I can’t make it one week or I’m out of town a lot?
If you have a monthly membership, then you can attend as many or as few classes and meet ups as you like within your billing period while you are in town or available. You also have access to online material to aid in your training when away. Single-visits and punch cards will only be used when you reserve/attend, and will remain on your account until you use them.

Is a water fountain available?
That depends on the location. We recommend always bringing a water bottle.

What about kids under 13?
Anyone under 13 can sign up for Carrollton Indoor classes (7+) and/or contact us to discuss private lessons.

But my {under 13} year old is very big/strong/smart/mature/etc. for his age and really wants to try?
We teach adults to do adult things in an adult manner. Not only are the language, themes, references, and subject matter not necessarily appropriate for children (and even many teens), but our clients explicitly don’t want children playing underfoot. These are not “kids” classes in any sense of the word.

Do you offer a Free Trial?
We do not offer Free Trials of classes. We will apply the payment from your first class to your first monthly membership payment, if you choose to sign up.