Stephen Laster

Position: Parkour Coach
Age: 30
Began parkour: Tried it in 2005, but started training in 2008
Began teaching: 5/2009
Favorite local training spot: Castle Hills Shopping Center
Favorite spot ever: Downtown San Antonio, TX
Other interests: Powerlifting and Strongman

American Parkour (APK) Certified Instructor
First weekly parkour class in DFW

Stephen, being larger than most traceurs, has had a somewhat unique journey. Through parkour, he was able to clean up his lifestyle and lose nearly 100 pounds. Along with coaching the first regular parkour class in DFW for many years, he has been a member of performance groups in the area, spreading the spirit of parkour. His leadership gained him a position as an American Parkour Ambassador. He now supplements his movement training as a competitive power lifter and strongman competitor.