Bill Stynetski

Position: Parkour Coach & Defense Coach
Age: 50
Began parkour: 2015
Began teaching: 9/15
Favorite local training spot: Shops at Legacy parking garage
Favorite spot ever: The Asylum
Other interests: Martial Arts

American Parkour (APK) Certified Instructor
4th degree black belt Aikido/Aikijujutsu
32 years in martial arts
CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

Bill has been training in martial arts since taking his first self-defense classes at 6 years old. In high school, Bill wrestled and he trained in Kuk Sool Won (and eventually in jujitsu and kajukembo) under Sensei Michael Park. Upon enlisting in the United States Navy at 19, he served in both Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. Bill studied Tae Kwon Do and Okinawan Karate, but in 1992, while stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, he began his first Aikido classes.

Bill has trained in numerous dojo across Texas and in Hawaii, Nashville, Memphis, Asheville, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Hombu Dojo in Japan. He also has had the fortunate opportunity to receive instruction from shihan (Akira Tohei and Henry Kono) who studied under O Sensei. Among his training, he has received personal instruction from M. Park shihan, T. Rait shihan, B. Sosa sensei, L. Fabia sensei, D. Fabia sensei, M. Minegashi sensei, G. Chase sensei, and D. Palmer sensei.

Bill has an Associate of Arts in Drama from Collin County Community College, and a Bachelor of Science in Film and Television from The University of Texas in Austin. He is listed in the internet movie database (IMDB). In Aikido, he currently holds a Yon Dan (4th degree black belt) ranking.