Andrew Simmons

Position: Manager/Parkour Coach
Age: 29
Began parkour: 2008
Began teaching: May 2010
Favorite local training spot: Fair Park
Other interests: Skateboarding, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Guitar/Bass, Drums, Piano, Disc Golf, Gaming, Learning

ADAPT Certified
CPR/First Aid Certified

Having tried every team sport offered to kids at the time, Andrew never really found one that hooked his interest. He was more interested in individual activities such as martial arts and skateboarding. He was introduced to parkour in 2008, and was fortunate enough to meet with and learn from some of the founding members of parkour. In 2010, he began to share his experience and started teaching parkour. As a part of various influential movement groups in DFW over the years, he has been involved in multiple performances and demonstrations all across Dallas and its suburbs. Now he manages The Asylum and, with hundreds of classes taught and thousands of client contact hours, he is among the most experienced parkour instructors in Texas.