Weekly City Classes

Ages: 13 and older
Prerequisites: None
Class Size: 10-15 student max
Class Length: 45+ min 
What to Wear: Comfortable athletic clothing and shoes, appropriate for the conditions.  

These are our entry-level, outdoor parkour classes. We teach students all of the basic movement patterns involved in parkour, including running, jumping, rolling, swinging, and vaulting. Each week our classes focus on movements within one of these five categories, rotating through the categories every five weeks. There are multiple movements to be learned within each of the categories, so the drills, skills, and techniques emphasized can change each time. Students may begin the rotation at any time, and continue as long and often as desired. Students also learn our core values (Respect, Discipline, Responsibility, Commitment, and Leadership) and what they mean in practice. Beyond the ability to move with control and proficiency, we expect our students to embody those values before becoming eligible for promotion. For more information, see How Our Program Works.

What to expect:
Each class will involve a discussion of values, a warm up, a strength/ conditioning component, skill work and drills, play time, and a cool down. The play time can extend class well beyond the 45 minutes technically allotted to the official class time. Some of the warm up, conditioning, and skill work can include partner exercises and physical contact. This can be considered a rather high-intensity class, and it likely will be physically demanding to some. Please bring a water bottle and be ready to sweat.