Adult Parkour 2

Ages: 18 and older
Prerequisites: Adult Parkour Technique
Class Size: 10 student max
Class Length: 50 -55 min
What to Wear: Comfortable athletic clothing and shoes. Please no denim or flip-flops.

This class focuses on all the intermediate parkour movements from progressively more advanced vaults to laches and precisions to wall climbs and cat hangs to drops and dives. This class has a heavy emphasis on efficiency, strength, conditioning, endurance, control and other markers of physical excellence. Over the course of the 12-week rotation of Parkour 2 classes, students will be exposed to, learn, and put into practice more advanced movements and combinations. We recommend a minimum of twice-a-week classes as well as outdoor or open gym work at this stage. Students also should be prepared to go through the rotation multiple times before developing all of the strength and coordination for some of the more advanced movements. Focus on your own movement, not comparing yourself to others, and make sure that you are always improving.