Ages: 13 and older
Prerequisites: None
Class Size: 10 student max
Class Length: 50-55 min
What to Wear: Comfortable athletic clothing and shoes. Please no denim or flip-flops.

In each Mobility class, we focus on one or two main joints or regions of the body that may have some tightness, stiffness, or poor range of motion. Using bands, rings, bars, paralettes, boxes, medicine balls, and other equipment, students perform a variety of dynamic movements that work to open tissues around the joint to aid function. That is generally followed by static stretches of the large skeletal muscles, learning how to activate various muscles to achieve proper position, increase range of motion, and protect the body from injury. Our Mobility classes are designed to help students to achieve full, functional range of motion, especially those having tightness or stiffness in the hips, shoulders, upper back, or ankles.
These classes are particularly well-suited to students who find that they need greater mobility and/or flexibility in order to advance further in parkour.