The Flips

Ages: 13 and older
Recommended Prerequisites: Jumping & Landing Technique
Class Size: 10 student max
Class Length: 50-55 min
What to Wear: Comfortable athletic clothing

Ready for some awesome tricks in the air? The Flips teaches students the basic movement patterns involved in flipping. Techniques like setting and tucking, and concepts like rotation and trajectory, all get explained so that the student understands how he or she is moving in the air. This class is taught on a 4-week rotation, covering front flips, back flips, side flips, and twisting, with the material changing weekly. Students may begin the rotation at any time, and then continue through as many rotations as needed to achieve his or her goals. As each student progresses, we work with the student on lessening the padding and adjusting the starting/ending height as necessary to continue improving and making gains. Flipping can be very difficult for some, but each student is different and progress will depend on both natural aptitude and dedicated practice. This class is open to teens and adults of all skill levels. Although it is not necessary to complete our Technique courses first, it is highly recommended.

What to expect:
The Flips will involve a warm up, a strength/conditioning component, skill work and drills, and a cool down. Although not a high-intensity class, it does require explosive power and likely will be physically demanding to some. Please bring a water bottle.