Ages: 13 and older
Prerequisites: None
Class Size: 10 student max
Class Length: 50 -55 min
What to Wear: Comfortable athletic clothing and shoes. Please no denim or flip-flops.

Want to be able to handle yourself in situations you can’t escape from? Fugitive Defense is our entry-level martial arts class. Our system combines Pencak Silat, Muay Thai, Wu Wei, and Capoeira into a very dynamic discipline, focused on functionality and efficiency. Instructors guide students through all of the basic movement patterns, from punching, kicking, inside work, grappling, and footwork, providing tools that can be put into practice immediately. This class is taught on a 5-week rotation, with the material changing weekly. Students may begin the rotation at any time, and then continue through as many rotations as needed until chosen for promotion. Students also learn our core values (Respect, Discipline, Responsibility, Commitment, and Leadership) and what they mean in practice. Beyond the ability to perform particular movements correctly, we expect our students to embody those values before they become eligible for promotion.

What to expect:
Each Fugitive Defense class will involve a discussion of values, a warm up, a strength/conditioning component, skill work and drills, and a cool down. Although not a high-intensity class, it likely will be physically demanding to some. Please bring a water bottle and be ready to sweat.