Adult Parkour Technique

Ages: 18 and older
Prerequisites: None
Class Size: 10 student max
Class Length: 50 -55 min
What to Wear: Comfortable athletic clothing and shoes.  Please no denim or flip-flops.

Before you can do the stuff you see on YouTube, you have to get some basic moves down! Adult Parkour Technique is our entry-level parkour class for adults. We teach students all of the basic movement patterns involved in parkour, including running, jumping, rolling, swinging, and vaulting. Each week our Technique classes focus on movements within one of these five categories, rotating through the categories every five weeks. There are multiple movements to be learned within each of the categories, so the drills, skills, and techniques emphasized change each time the category comes up in the rotation. Students may begin the rotation at any time, and continue through as many rotations as needed until chosen for promotion. Students also learn our core values (Respect, Discipline, Responsibility, Commitment, and Leadership) and what they mean in practice. Beyond the ability to perform particular movements correctly, we expect our students to embody those values before becoming eligible for promotion. For more information, see How Our Parkour Program Works.

What to expect:
Each Adult Parkour Technique class will involve a discussion of values, a warm up, a strength/conditioning component, skill work and drills, and a cool down. Although not a high-intensity class, it likely will be physically demanding to some. Please bring a water bottle and be ready to sweat.