Additional Camp Details

Daily Breakdown

Monday – Introductions & Foundations
Day 1 begins with introductions! We introduce campers and counselors. We introduce The Asylum, all the obstacles, and the rules. We introduce parkour’s ideas and philosophies. Finally, we introduce campers to safe and efficient movement patterns from our Foundations curriculum. These are the movements that form the backbone of parkour, everything from jumping and landing to swinging to vaulting and the list goes on… Using them efficiently is parkour, using them creatively is freerunning, and using them with friends is art du deplacement!

Tuesday – Freerunning & Tricks
Day 2 is all about tricks and creativity! We’ll learn how to do all the coolest flips into our signature foam pit, swing away with awesome bar tricks, and flow through the gym with all types of spins and twists. Freerunning focuses on the movement of the body interacting with its environment as an outlet for creative expression, not just for efficiency, as campers add flare and style to their movement.

Wednesday – Obstacle Course & Teamwork
Day 3 campers are challenged to work together! Using the skills they’ve developed over the first two days of camp, campers must work together with their teammates to successfully overcome obstacle courses and challenges. Leadership, commitment, and respect are among the values we’ll see grow throughout this day of camp, as the teams compete against each other and the clock!

Thursday – Parkour Games
Day 4 makes all the sore muscles worth it! All of the skills, all of the creativity, and all of the teamwork come together in the spirit of friendly competition. Campers play the coolest Fugitive parkour games from Lava Tag to Dodgeball to Parkour Kickball and more. Using their own skills, while coordinating with their team, on a focused goal against competition in real time leads to a lot of growth as they deal with communication issues, setbacks, and frustration, and tons of fun as teams create synergy and realize victory.

Friday – Trampoline Park
Day 5 takes us off campus to the best trampoline park around – Altitude Richardson! After tons of moving, team work, and competition, it’s time to blow off some steam by bouncing around 23,000 sq ft of indoor trampolines. The springs are a welcomed assistance after 4 days of soreness sets in, and they’ll need it to pull the coolest flips into the foam pits, or peg their buddy with a dodgeball, or win on the battle beam, or fly off the trapeze, or… For lunch, we all stroll down the end of the strip center to Snuffer’s for burgers on us, then back for a couple more hours of trampolines!

Campers will receive multiple water breaks, 2 mandatory rest/snack times, an hour mandatory rest/lunch, and occasional media presentations throughout camp. All rests and media will be in the air conditioning.

*If dropping your camper off at Altitude – Richardson is more convenient than The Asylum that day, you can arrange to meet us there at 10:00 am. You may also pick them up around 2:30 pm, but please discuss either with a Coach beforehand.

**Friday is not included in Half Day options.

Sample Day at Camp

8:00 am – Door Open and Drop Off begins
8:30 am – Camp Begins and we talk about the day
8:45 am – Warm Up
9:15 am – Skills/Activities
10:00 am – Snack, Rest, & Videos
10:15 am –Exploration & Challenges
10:45 am – Skills/Games
11:30 am – Lunch, Rest & Videos
(PM Campers arrive)
12:30 pm – Warm Up
(AM Campers depart)
12:45 pm – Skills/Activities
1:30 pm – Exploration & Challenges
2:00 pm – Snack, Rest, & Video
2:15 pm – Games/Free time
3:00 pm – Cool Down/ Pick Up begins
3:30 pm – Pick up ends/ AfterCamp begins


What does my child do at camp?
Learn new skills, overcome challenges, interact with peers, make friends, gain coordination and strength with functional movements, play games, embody positive values and much more! Each day will include a warm up and cool down (possibly a second of each for lunch), as well as both structured and free time to explore and play, multiple rests, water breaks, snack times, etc. We also play age-appropriate parkour related videos in the lobby during down times.
For a description of each day’s focus, please see the section labeled Daily Breakdown.

Can I do late pick up?
Yes! Camp pick up time is from 3:00-3:30 pm, but we also offer AfterCamp in the registration options to provide an extended pick up window from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm. We offer both single day and full week options.

Available for each day of camp until 5:00pm. The cost is $20 per day or $75 for the week. Please choose the week option during registration or contact to make reservations for individual days of AfterCamp and for more details. If a situation arises, you may schedule AfterCamp on the same day you need it, however once AfterCamp begins with no arrangements made, late fees apply.

Do you offer early drop off?
No, camp doors open at 8:00 am and drop off begins then.

What happens if I am late?
Dropping off late isn’t a problem, although we would ask that you let us know so that we don’t wait and/or worry. However, children picked up after their registered time are charged $10 for every 15 mins. But, we have AfterCamp options for single days or the entire week which is the more economical alternative. We need to know ahead of time so we can staff appropriately. Please understand, unexpectedly keeping coaches past their scheduled shift causes us several administrative and logistical problems.

What do I need to bring for a full day of camp?
A refillable water bottle, cool comfortable clothing, closed toe shoes (a must), a lunch and 2 snacks per day. Your child may also bring a book to read or other activity, but we try to minimize individual screen time.

What do I need to bring for a half day of camp?
A refillable water bottle, cool comfortable clothing, closed toe shoes (a must), and a snack per day.

Will any snacks be provided?
Definitely! We’ll have fresh fruit and possibly nuts available. There is also a vending machine in the kitchen with various non-candy snack options. If your camper is particular, we suggest sending their favorites with them.

What if my camper forgets their lunch?
Forgotten lunches will receive a 6” Subway Sub of the Day and a $10 charge to their account.

Are multi-camp, sibling, and referral discounts available?
Absolutely! Give us a call and we’ll get that all set up for you, unfortunately they’re not available online.

Is your space air conditioned?
2000 sq ft is, and 4500 sq ft is not. The training space is well-ventilated, but between the total volume of air and our goal of being prepared for the real world, the space is not air conditioned beyond multiple huge fans. The lobby, kitchen, and bathrooms are air conditioned. We cycle the activities at about an hour at a time and take breaks in the air conditioned areas.

Do you show media at your camps?
We do! We will show age appropriate, non-violent, parkour, obstacle, and ninja warrior related videos. We may also watch PG rated movies with some application to parkour or movement.

If I am doing half day, when do I come?
Half Day options are Monday through Thursday between 8 am and 12 pm (AM) or 11:30 am to 3:30 pm (PM). We ask that you pick either AM or PM for the duration of the week.

What should my camper wear?
Light, comfortable athletic clothing. Please, no open-toed shoes, sandals, or flip-flops. Tennis shoes, sneakers, and running shoes are appropriate. We have free lockers for the campers to keep their belongings.

What else should my camper bring?
Water bottle, lunch, 2 snacks, and any medications they may need.

Can I just register for one week?
Absolutely! Just click the camp that is most convenient for you!

Can I register my child for more than one week? This looks like fun!
Yes, again, absolutely! Register your camper for the first camp and contact us to apply a multi-camp discount for additional camps.

How do I register for a spot?
Please use the links to register! If you have a profile, then you can log in and register for the camp. If you do not have an account, then you will need to fill out some basic info when registering.

What if my child has to miss a day due to illness, injury, or some other circumstance out of our control?
The first day of camp is the most important. We place campers in their Crews for the rest of the week and cover most of the foundational skills, onto which we’ll be building the rest of the skills, games, activities, and challenges. All of the other days are inconvenient and the camper will miss out on a lot of fun, experience, and bonding, but it is much more manageable. We cannot prorate camp, although we do have options for single days of camp.

I think we’re sold…what do we do next?
Choose the week(s) you want and use the links to register!

Do you offer transportation services?
No, we do not offer transportation to or from the gym, except on Fridays we provide transportation from the gym to the trampoline park and back.

I would like to come see the gym before the summer camp starts; when can I do that?
You’re welcome to check out the gym in person during regular business hours or contact to arrange a tour.

My child is younger than 7 years old; is this something he or she can participate in? I’m certain he/ she’d love it!
Unfortunately, anytime we have allowed children under 7 it has detracted from the overall enjoyment of the rest of the campers. We look forward to having your camper as soon as they turn 7!

What can my kid expect at the camp? What does a day look like?
Each day our session will start with a warm-up and conditioning session led by the instructor geared towards getting the camper ready for the activities of the day. After the warm-up, the camper will start off their day with parkour-related techniques and progress through various skills, games, challenges, and other activities.
A typical day might look like this (note: this is just to give parents an idea what a day might entail; the timing and order of activity may change)

See a Sample Day

What is the pricing structure for camps?
$249 per session for 5 days of training,
8:30 am – 3:00 pm.
Fugitive Fitness accepts all debit/credit cards, cash, and checks. We do not pro-rate camps for kids who cannot make all days of training, but we do have single day options.

What are the payment Terms?
We require payment in full in advance of the daycamp start date to complete registration and reserve a spot. Failure to submit payment means you won’t have a spot!

What is your refund / cancellation policy?
Camp Cancellation Policy