How Our Parkour Program Works

At Fugitive Fitness, we provide an indoor facility (we call it The Asylum) where, in a safe setting, you can learn the fundamental skills of parkour, learn advanced skills, and continually refine and expand your skills.

Everyone who is new to our parkour instruction program (even if you have years of experience elsewhere or on your own) starts in one of our Foundations classes, which are Parkour Foundations (ages 13 and above) and Kids Parkour Foundations (ages 7 to 13). Our program depends upon all of our students having a common understanding of terminology, philosophy, and values. That understanding is assured when all students progress through our Foundations classes.

In Foundations classes, we teach all of the basic movement patterns involved in parkour, including running, jumping, rolling, swinging, and vaulting. Each week our classes focus on movements within one of these five categories, rotating through the categories every five weeks. There are multiple movements to be learned within each of the categories. Accordingly, while the category is the same for all Foundations classes held during a particular week, the drills, skills, and techniques emphasized are different from the last time the category came up in the rotation. Students may begin the rotation at any time.
It usually takes around 50 hours of training, both in and outside of class, for a student to gain the requisite strength and control to be considered proficient at the Foundations level. We expect that students will be able to continue their training outside of our classes, by practicing in open-gym sessions or at home or elsewhere. We find that students typically will need to complete at least four of our five-week class rotations. The first time through the rotation, students are being asked to move in ways that may be unusual and sometimes awkward for them. The second and third times through the rotation, the movements being taught become more familiar. By the fourth time, students are solidifying their technique.

Equal in importance to skills and techniques are the core values we seek to instill: Respect, Commitment, Discipline, Responsibility, and Leadership. At the beginning of each class, we discuss how one of these values applies to the lesson that week. Without embracing these values, students will find that the skills are difficult to attain and are of little use once attained. We also want our students not only to look for ways to improve themselves, but also to look for ways to improve their communities. Each student therefore must volunteer for one of our service projects to become eligible for promotion.
When a student demonstrates, by the student’s performance, attitude, and conduct, that he or she has a solid grasp of the essential skills and embodies the core values of parkour, a coach will recommend the student for promotion. Once all the coaches concur, the student will be promoted at the next advancement ceremony.

Students who have been promoted to Level 2 become eligible for our Parkour 2 (ages 13 and above) and Kids Parkour 2 (ages 7 to 13) classes. Those classes instruct and train students on more advanced movements and combinations of movements. Level 2 students also are eligible to take part in special events exclusive to the upper echelons. Advanced camps, field trips, nature training, parkour paintball, and night missions are just a few of the exciting things to look forward to as an advanced student.